[WeASKED] Kasey Brown

Financial Advisor | Scotiabank


Settling into her new life in Saint John has not been without its challenges. “What did I get myself into, I think I’ve made a mistake, the airports in Jamaica have more gates” Kasey recalls saying to her aunt who came down from Ottawa to help her settle in. Coming from a much bigger and denser city adjusting to a much smaller and quieter Saint John took some time, but a year and a half later Kasey says its feeling more like home.  

An interest in trade, procurement and supply chain management led Kasey to the International Business Management program at NBCC.

Upon graduation Kasey accepted a position with Scotiabank as a Financial Advisor trainee and is embracing the learning and development opportunities that come with it. “There are opportunities in Saint John, it may take some time to uncover them, but they are here. Success in Saint John is built on relationships and getting involved.” It’s the people Kasey has met in Saint John that have drawn her in and helped make the city feel more like home. Kasey learned early on that “Showing up being seen, taking an interest in what is going on in this city is the best way to form new connections and relationships.” 

Kasey loves to cook and the connection to home it brings. Family is important to Kasey and the people that she has met through her church Forest Hills Baptist and the college have become like family and have been tremendously supportive helping her settling in. Kasey has a deep understanding of the importance being part of a strong community, and is trying to connect the increasing number of Jamaicans in Saint John together. "The population of Jamaicans is steadily growing, and these connections are as much about friendship as they are about building a strong and vibrant community." says Kasey.   

Kasey has an entrepreneurial spirit with thoughts of someday opening a restaurant or starting an organization that works with businesses to settle foreign workers alleviating the stress of navigating the logistics of moving to a new country.

When asked for some closing thoughts Kasey replied “Instead of asking a newcomer what they miss from home a consider asking newcomers what is the best thing they have enjoyed or experienced in Canada so far." 

Saint John is a diverse and growing community where companies are attracting newcomers from within Canada and around the globe. Are you interested in Living and working in Greater Saint John, send us your resume! Or if you know of someone who has just moved to Saint John from work, connect with us at [email protected].

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