[We ASKED] Manuel Cerda

Manuel Cerda | Software Engineer | Introhive

[We Asked] celebrates the stories of newcomers who have moved to the Greater Saint John region for work.  

Manuel Cerda began searching LinkedIn for employment in Saint John and once he connected with Introhive, a growing company in the heart of the city, it didn’t take long for him to decide to move to the City.  A Software Engineer, and amateur photographer from Santiago, Dominican Republic, Manuel was drawn by the city’s location on the Bay of Fundy, stable weather, city vibe, and rich architecture and history.

Manuel first came to Canada in 2013 on a 6-month internship where he worked for a company in Montreal. Manuel enjoyed it so much that once he returned home, he considered relocating permanently to Canada.  He was drawn to Saint John because of its multicultural feel and employment opportunities.  “Once I got here and I traveled to other cities, I always found that coming back to Saint John was like coming back home” says Manuel who has settled in the Uptown.  He spent the summer exploring many festivals, including one of the highlights - Area 506.   He has also joined the YMCA where he’s been recruited to join the Saint John Table Tennis team. 

Manuel has worked as a Software Engineer for 7 years. Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to work for several large US companies based out of their offices in the Dominican Republic. These experiences helped Manuel hone his English skills as well as offer him valuable insight into cultural nuances of North American business practices.  This has helped him transition into his role with Introhive.

We are thrilled to welcome Manuel to Saint John. He is helping to grow our community, and Introhive. He also happens to be a good Latin dancer, and the one thing he’s missing is dancing as he hasn’t found any places in Saint John that host Latin dance nights. If anyone knows where he can dance, please let us know.

Saint John is a diverse and growing community where companies are attracting newcomers from within Canada and around the globe. Are you interested in living and working in Greater Saint John, send us your resume! And if you know of someone else who has just moved to Saint John for work, connect us at [email protected].








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