Our Community is Changing

Giving our newcomer-led businesses the best chance at success possible.

The era of the homogenous board room is over.

The era of the homogenous classroom is over.

The era of the homogenous government is over.

The era of the homogenous municipality is over.


Entrepreneurs from across the world are being welcomed into Maritime markets and each city will respond and offer support in unique ways.  For us at EDGSJ, that means giving our newcomer-led businesses the best chance at success possible. It means working hard at founder development first and foremost, developing a strong network of mentors & connectors and leveraging the incredible minds of private industry, UNB/NBCC and the public sector.


As communities across the world change in unison, some come out way ahead and some lag behind.  Consumers dictate the flow of the market and as cities change so too do the demands of those spending their hard earned money.  New smells from restaurants that previously didn’t have a strong base. New retail outlets offering the latest fashion & accessory items to communities who are asking for it.  New perspectives and languages heard across the IT divisions of our largest companies.  


It also means opening up our markets to the rest of the world.   We all know the importance of a strong export market in a region as small as ours and our newcomer led businesses bring connections and expertise in the world’s most competitive industries.  


What we stand to gain is the offerings of talented entrepreneurs who cut their teeth outside of the region but tailored their businesses to fit our changing business landscape.  We have the opportunity to be known not only as a fantastic place for newcomers to call home, but also as an up and coming global marketplace. What’s at stake is simple: a mass exodus of people with the talent and means to choose anywhere in the world.  Products and entrepreneurs from across the world scanning the business landscape of the West and choosing New Brunswick is an honor and it’s something we desperately need to leverage.


As the demographics within our city and region change, so too will it’s business landscape.  As populations change, so too will the taste of the consumer and the market will respond.  


The question is, how will we?

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