Catalyst Program

Economic Development Greater Saint John is a huge proponent of innovation in business. Through our Catalyst Program, existing businesses can identify ways for their operations to grow, and positively impact our region’s economy.

Our business growth consultants are here to help you scale your business model, expand your physical footprint, and reach new markets.

We are here to help you solve business problems, overcome challenges, access financing and loans, and connect with investors, advisors and mentors.

If you don’t see what you need below, or if you have a question, we’re always available for coffee and a chat.

Business Consulting And Workshops

Using a proven process tailored to your company’s needs, our Catalyst Innovation Program helps companies find solutions to complex business challenges using the Simplexity process. Learn more in this brochure.

Catalyst also enables your team to:

  • Define and refine ideas for commercialization
  • Turn untapped potential into innovative product and service solutions

Whether you want to reduce costs, create value, access new markets, outperform competition, or solve a major industry problem, the Catalyst Innovation Program will guide you and your team using facilitated problem-solving workshops and strategic support.

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